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Fitness Guide for Men

Having a perfectly fit body is every man’s desire. Not only because women are attracted, but it also keeps the person active, agile and stress free.

Exercise can be performed at any age to maintain fitness, whether by kids, middle aged men, or even by grandpas. Physical activities surely have multifarious benefits, from relieving stress, keeping the heart healthy and of course, acquire a quick and responsive body.

A proper exercise course, e.g. cardiovascular exercise with a proper diet can prove even better, when the body becomes more attractive with “six-pack” abs; a much desired look, especially by the new, emerging generation.

But such a body doesn’t come for free. The man has to be dedicated, make efforts with exercises, and make dietary and lifestyle changes. The sooner the man makes strict “laws” for himself, the sooner he will lose fat leading to his desired body shape.


We frequently see or read on media about athletes who turned obese later. Whether man or woman, obesity or being overweight, can pose many health problems for any person. From a poor look to physical health problems involving heart, promote diseases like diabetes, affect the thinking, lead to stress; and these things that we all fear of.

In order to lose fat and weight, the best methods are:

A. Dieting: It simply means, don’t overeat. One of the most common ways of overeating is having a coffee shop or bar nearby, and your friends inviting you for a time pass. Another important factor is stress. Not only as indication from research and studies, a man also notices in himself that when he is overstressed or in pressure, he tends to overeat, often without control. This overeating causes more fat to get deposited in the body.

B. Proper Diet: Maintain a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and fresh vegetables. Juicing these veggies is also an excellent option. These fresh veggies contain all the vital nutrients, vitamins and vital minerals essentially required for proper fitness of men. Apart from these beneficial elements, such foods or juice also contain antioxidants remove the free radical buildup from body, and also remove the toxins.

C: Fibre rich diet: If your bowels are in good shape, and you want to retain it that way, include plenty of fibre-rich food in your diet. Fibre rich foods contain gluten that takes time to get digested, giving your stomach the feeling of fullness for a longer time, and hence not frequently feeling hungry. Fibre rich foods include wheat, bread, oats etc.

D: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner: Ideally your breakfast should be heavy, and contain most amount nutrients you need for the day, followed by lunch of lesser size, and finally a not heavy dinner, because after dinner, as we usually sleep, the body does not perform and physical activity. However, the brain remains constantly active, and of course, needs a lot of energy to work.

Golf Shaft Fitting Guide

The role of golf shaft fitting has always been a profound one. The golf shaft and club head are in need of constant communication and feedback for the relationship to flourish. When communication breaks down, intervention is needed. The professional tandem of the club fitter and Launch Monitor is there to “listen,” measure, analyze and diagnose. To intervene and help mend those differences that have built over the golf seasons.

Jesting aside, we all know the holy grail to bombing those Saturday morning drives is a perfectly aligned club head and shaft to the swing. My goal today is to provide a general and simple guideline that will allow you to “eyeball” shafts by category, based on your swing profile. If you do decide to “go it alone” or bypass the help of your local club fitter and Launch Monitor, you will need a solid system to make educated decisions.

Introducing the Shaft Profile System (SPS).

But first, let’s get a disclaimer out of the way. Nothing replaces the benefits you’ll receive from getting fitted with a Launch Monitor. This undoubtedly is the best and most accurate way of getting fitted today.

OK, now on with a high level definition of the system.

There are three variables used in the Shaft Profile System, Trajectory, Torque, and Weight. Since shaft flex is an option within every conceivable shaft selection, we dismissed this as a criteria. We are focusing on the true variables that occur within shaft models in an attempt to predispose you to a selection of shafts that might suit your game.

Below, are the variables and short definitions used in the Shaft Profile System:

Trajectory is defined as the ability to promote the ball airborne. This is influenced by many things but mainly the Bend Point and Tip Flexibility of the shaft. The higher the Bend, the lower the trajectory.

Torque is defined as the amount or measurement of rotational twisting that occurs at the tip of the shaft. The lower the Torque, the less twisting occurs.

Weight is measured by the raw, uncut shaft. Very important and significantly undervalued performance indicator of the shaft. The weight is a very big contributor of control and distance.

There you have it, three variables we will use to align shafts to a player. We will be matching shaft profiles with the player skill level, swing speed, and swing tempo to come up with “suggested” shafts that fit your game.

Golf shaft fitting is a part scientific, part subjective with a dash of intuitiveness. Using the Shaft Profile System will allow us to make very educated golf shaft decisions based on the player swing and profile. Stay tuned because the next post will delve much deeper into this shaft profile system.

Home Fitness Guide

Workout Without Weights (WWW) is a bodyweight training eBook by Coach Eddie Lomax. Coach Lomax has authored 5 other home fitness eBooks. However, if you’re looking for a guide to bodyweight training, then WWW may be the guide for you.

When I first purchased WWW, I really didn’t know what to expect. After all, it was my first eBook purchase ever. Before that I was very skeptical of online sales. I thought people were going to steal my information and that I would be scammed.

Well, there was no scam and no one stole anything. I started reading Coach Lomax’s eBook with great interest. WWW is very basic and to the point. I have since purchased many eBooks and you can say I’m somewhat of an eBook addict.

I’m always on the lookout for new tips and tricks that can help improve my health and fitness, and so I purchase at least one eBook a month. But, nothing that I have purchase from any other author has given me no-bull bodyweight training information like CoachLomax.

Not only did I learn a variety of brand new exercises which I couldn’t find on YouTube, but I also learned how to create my own workouts. You will not need another bodyweight training eBook because most eBooks just give you handful of workouts and make you come back for more.

Not with WWW. Coach Lomax will show you how to easily create high intensity bodyweight workouts so you’ll never need another guide again (unless you’re like me who just can’t stop buying stuff online. But that’s for another article).

Motorcycle Helmet Fitting Guide

When the average Motorcycle Helmet costs over $150 the last thing any rider wants is to buy the wrong size. If you come off your bike wearing the wrong size helmet then it won’t be able to protect you the way it was designed to. It can also be uncomfortable and cause problems while riding.

Fitting a motorcycle helmet correctly is very simple, it only takes a few minutes!

1. Measure your head. Using a tailors tape measure, measure from above your eyebrows (about 1/2 – 1 inch above) then above your ears to the back of your head.

2. Go online and find a motorcycle helmet that you like the look of, then find a local store where you can try it on.

3. When you visit the store ask to see a sizing chart for the helmet brand of your choice. Using your head size as a guide, pick the helmet size that will fit your head. Usually model sizes start at Extra Small (XS) and go up to XXL (Double Extra Large).

4. It’s not just head size that will affect the fit of your helmet, your head shape will have a big impact on the helmet brand you choose.

5. Put the helmet on, do up the strap to the correct tightness (you should be able to fit 2 fingers in between your chin and the strap) and check the fit. It should be comfortable and shouldn’t press on your temples or forehead to hard. It should press slightly on your cheeks,

6.Stand in front of a mirror and hold each side of the helmet firmly. Turn your head from side to side. If you can move your head freely to each side without the helmet moving, it’s too big. If your head does not move at all then the helmet is way to tight – how did you get it on!

7. Still holding the sides of the helmet, move your head up and down. As above if your head moves around too much the helmet is too big. If the top padding of the helmet can be pulled down so far that it touches the middle of your nose then you need a smaller helmet.

8. Obviously, if the helmet is too big try a size smaller, if it’s to small try a size bigger. If neither of those fit then you might need to try a different brand of helmet to fit your head shape.

9. If you are still having problems try a helmet with removable cheek pads as some riders with odd shaped heads may find this helps.

10. If you get really stuck, ask me for help!

The Ultimate Fitness Guide

Billy Blank’s Tae Bo DVD includes instructional workout videos related to different levels for your convenience. The levels include basic, advanced and even 8-minutes workout. Everything has been put in a single disc so that it is easy for you to follow. Instructions are given in English and the DVD is available at affordable price.

The DVD serves as the ultimate guide to your fitness. It contains brief warm-up and cool down exercises to guide you through your fitness control in a proper way. The advanced Tae-Bo also includes the 18 minutes of muscle crunching floor work. Very clear and concise step by step guidelines are given so that you can follow it properly. Each exercise has different background music to relax your mind. The instructions are clear and there is written manual that also comes with this DVD so that people with impaired hearing sense can also fully understand the importance of each and every fitness workout step that Billy shows.

There are a number of videos that Billy offers. Following are some of them:

-Free Style Funky Video
-Celebrity Fit
-AMPED Rocking Video
-Postnatal Power Workout
-Billy’s Boot Camp Elite
-The Power Within

You can purchase these from various online outlets and even onsite DVD and sports’ stores. They are available at cost-effective prices. Each and every video has been tailored to meet the needs and requirements of specific group of people such as the pregnant women can go with the postnatal power workout to keep fit during their pregnancy. It was never that easy to buy fitness guides before!