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Useless Fitness Guide

Are you skeptical about the Truth About Six Pack Abs guide by Mike Geary, and whether or not it is just another hyped up fitness guide? I can’t really blame you for being suspicious, because I have personally bought many crap fitness ebooks in my life, and their owners did not even refund me when their websites clearly stated they would!

1. My Experience with Truth About Six Pack Abs

When I first went over to the website, I was really skeptical because it looked like every other hyped up fitness site on the internet. However, due to its massive popularity and my desperation to get my six pack abs, I decided to purchase it.

2. What Is The Truth About Six Pack Abs All About?

Luckily, this guide was not telling me things that I already knew. In fact, Mike tells me that all the stomach exercises and cardio I have been doing for the past year were useless for my abs! I was feeling quite shocked after reading the ebook for the first time (1 year of wasted exercise!), and then I realized that what he said must be true, otherwise I would have successfully gotten my six pack abs by now.

3. Why Your Basic Crunches and Ab Exercises Are Not Working

If you have been following traditional fitness guides that teach you to do cardio and crunches all day long, you will not be burning fat off your stomach any time soon. Crunches have nothing to do with burning fat off the stomach. They are only making your abs stronger, and yours may well be VERY strong by now if you had being doing crunches for a long time.

4. What Are The Right Exercises To Perform?

Mike starts off by teaching you the sections of your abs that you must train, and why you may be targeting the wrong sections with your exercises. Only by training the right areas of your body, which are not your abs, can you finally burn off fats on your stomach. And that is what you ultimately need to do, because your abs are probably strong by now.

5. Final Verdict on The Truth About Six Pack Abs

This guide is highly recommended for people who desire to burn off stomach fats to reveal their abs. Inside this guide, Mike also describes small exercises you can quickly implement into your daily life to reduce the time you need to spend working out.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Does the Truth About Six Pack Abs really work, or is another overhyped fitness guide? This guide claims to expose the myths that many other diet and fitness programs teach, because quite frankly, many people are exercising non-stop but seeing little results on their stomach. So can Mike Geary’s guide really help you get the abs you always wanted?

1. The Truth about Eating Right

Calories are very important and necessary components of your diet, but you need to take them from the right sources. One big difference about Truth About Six Pack Abs compared to other ebooks is that this guide teaches you to eat very different foods. You will learn which nutrient dense foods to eat to keep your body burning fat all day. The diet in this guide has helped me lose my cravings for snacks.

2. Learn Why Your Sit-Ups And Crunches Are Not Working!

Many ordinary fitness guides on the internet are telling us the wrong information about working your abs. You may be doing a lot crunches and situps every day, thinking that these exercises are bringing you closer and closer to your six pack abs, when in actual fact they are useless! I was astonished to learn the truth here as well, and The Truth About Six Pack Abs will teach you how to work your body to get you the six packs you want.

3. Did The Truth About Six Pack Abs Work For Me?

This ebook has taught me the right foods to eat that I was not eating before and the exercise program I should stick with to get my six pack abs. After being on the program for about 2 months, I have been able to trim the fats off the midsection of my stomach to reveal my abs. I would not say that the entire program is very easy to follow. But if you stick to it rigidly, it is very hard to fail with it considering the fact that many others have also succeeded like me.

4. Why Is This Guide Different From Other Fitness Guides?

By reading through Mike’s ebook, you will find that situps and crunches are seldom emphasized. It is very much focused on exercises aimed to increase your lean muscle, which is the correct way to exercise if you want to burn fat off your stomach. I would highly recommend this ebook to you if you want to learn the truth about ab exercises, and finally reveal the killer abs on your stomach.

Optimum Men’s Health and Fitness Guide

Finding the perfect balance of mens health and fitness is a daunting task these days. There are so many so called “fitness experts” telling you one thing, while the others tell you differently. So what men’s fitness tips are really proven to enhance a man’s life?

Let’s take a look at some of the major issues and how to best tackle them.


So much crap comes out daily on this subject. The worse products are usually savvy marketed diet pills that promise so many results and almost ALWAYS under-deliver!

So what’s really the best recommendations for weight loss? I’ll cut right to chase here since I’m not one to sugar-coat stuff. The best way to lose weight successfully and keep it off is to get your lazy butt up and do something! Anything!! Just do whatever your able of doing.

Humans are inherently lazy and this often makes them gain weight with each passing chronological year that goes by. The best mens health and fitness ideals come from physical activity. I’m not saying it has to be hard work.

In fact, it’s not hard work at all when you make men’s fitness a lifestyle and not a chore.

I would highly recommend interval cardio training for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 days a week. That’s only about 3% of your entire day! Your seriously gonna tell me you can’t devote 3% of your day to your health and fitness goals?

It doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, 5 days a week off the bat. Just start slowly,take baby steps, you’ll get there eventually. If you value your life at all, you should equally value good health. These weight loss fitness tips are not that hard to follow and you will get used to them,like everything else in life.


As a rule of thumb, I like to go by lifting weights to build muscle every other day. And usually your entire muscle building routine can be done in about 20 minutes. Allowing one day’s rest in between allows your body and muscles to recuperate. Weight training is a huge part of optimal mens health and fitness.

No time to get to a gym? Invest in a home gym unit! I highly recommend a Bowflex home gym unit or a Total Gym. A Bowflex is ideal for ultimate muscle building while the Total Gym is ideal for toning up the entire body and building modest muscle mass.

Not to mention they are both incredibly easy to use. Having a home gym in your house saves you gas and aggravation of driving in traffic to and from the gym also!

You see guys, men’s fitness does NOT have to be hard or difficult.

So now that you’ve got a slim and almost-perfect body, where do we go from here?


To complete the ultimate mens health and fitness plan, I’d highly recommend face exercises for men. Why? Because most often,regular exercise and weight training won’t exactly build chiseled facial features. While building muscle will define your chest and shoulder area, it won’t target your face and neck muscles effectively.

What can be achieved through these exercises? How about a chiseled jawline, enhanced cheekbones, elimination of under eye bags and double chin? Not to mention the burst of confidence that will come from your new look. Just imagine what can come from a quick blast of fresh new-found confidence.

The nice thing about face exercises is that the results are super quick!

They only take up about 15 minutes of your day and can be done sitting in traffic, on a plane or practically anywhere! There’s over 50 muscles in the face and it would be naive to think that we couldn’t also manipulate these muscles and sculpt and define them for enhanced facial features without plastic surgery!